Exploring Retinal Detachment with Khanna Vision

Retinal detachment is a serious and emergent eye condition that occurs when the retina, a thin layer of tissue located at the back of the eye, separates from its underlying support tissue. The retina is crucial as it converts visual information into nerve signals that are sent to the brain. A detachment means the retina cannot function correctly, leading to potential vision loss if not addressed promptly.

Retinal detachment

Understanding Retinal Detachment: The space between the detached retina and its support tissue can fill with fluid, further separating the two layers. As the retina detaches, it’s deprived of its essential blood supply, leading to cell damage and potential blindness.

Retinal Detachment

Causes and Risk Factors: Several factors can lead to retinal detachment:

  1. Rhegmatogenous: The most common type, caused by a tear or hole in the retina that allows fluid to get under it and lift it away.
  2. Tractional: Scarring on the retina’s surface contracts and causes the retina to separate from the back of the eye.
  3. Exudative: Accumulation of fluid beneath the retina caused by retinal diseases, including inflammatory disorders and eye injuries.

Age, severe myopia, previous eye surgeries, trauma, and a family history of retinal detachment are among the risk factors.

Symptoms: Early detection is vital. Symptoms include a sudden increase in floaters, bright flashes of light, a dark curtain or shadow over part of the visual field, and blurred vision. Any of these signs warrant an immediate visit to an ophthalmologist, such as those at Khanna Vision under the supervision of Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD.

Treatment: The goal is to reattach the retina. Procedures include:

  • Laser surgery or cryopexy: Sealing retinal tears or holes.
  • Pneumatic retinopexy: Injecting a bubble into the eye’s center to push the retina back into place.
  • Vitrectomy: Removing the vitreous and replacing it with a saline solution.
  • Scleral buckle: Indentation of the wall of the eye to relieve the force causing the detachment.

Conclusion: Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. With the advanced care and expertise provided by institutions like Khanna Vision and experts like Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD, patients have a fighting chance to regain and preserve their vision.






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